Lost Island Hack Cheats Generator Obtain Gold and Stars

If you need help in Lost Island, you can always use our Lost Island Hack. With the Lost Island Blast Adventure Hack you will get coins and stars for free, so you can solve each level with ease. We offer the Tip for Lost Island Blast Adventure for free on our website. Use Lost Island Cheats now for a better gaming experience.

Simply enter your username to use the Lost Island mod apk. Determine the number of stars and coins you need and click Generate. Resources are now generated through Lost Island Cheating. Usually, they will end up in your account after 5 minutes. Depending on the frequency of use of the Lost Island Hack 2019, it may take more or less time. But one thing is certain: you will receive the stars and generated coins anyway. Just be patient while the Lost Island Adventure Cheaters work in the background.

Lost Island cheat

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Lost Island hack
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Lost Island Tips and tricks

Lost Island: Blast Adventure is a construction game / puzzle match3. As the new owner of an abandoned island, it is up to you and your research colleague Ellie to restore the island.

But this is no ordinary island – super natural surprises await you on every street corner. Our Lost Island Blast Adventure Cheats and Tips will show you how to master the Match 3 part of the game.

The game is all about the Match 3 part, because you can’t build anything until you put the pieces of the puzzle together. Let’s start with our tips and tricks.

Be good at your moves with lost island hack

You have a limited number of moves for each level, so let them count. Don’t just adjust everything you see at will – try to plan your steps to make the most of your movements. If you see two blocks of the same color next to each other, resist the temptation to align them. Just try to bring things together in large groups.

In addition, any movement you have left after deleting a level will be transformed into bombs and fireworks, which will give you bonus coins at the end. The more shots you have left, the more bonus coins you get. You can also get coins if you use the Lost Island Blast Adventure Hack apk.

Create special parts

If you collect five or more blocks of the same color, you will get fireworks! Fireworks will be horizontal or vertical, depending on how they are created. If you tap on it, they will start in that direction and immediately match all the blocks in that column or row.

If you want to change the direction of a fireworks display, just make a match and they will turn. Fireworks are incredibly useful when you make pineapple levels, so try to make them as often as you can. We also invite you to check out our latest king of crabs hack.

Matching eight or more blocks will result in the formation of a bomb. The bombs are quite simple – just tap them and they will explode and immediately match all the neighbouring blocks. Just like fireworks, they can be very useful if you are on special target levels.

Lost Island Help and Tips

Lost Island: Blast Adventure is an adventure game on Android in which you visit a paradisiacal island. In this game you will restore the island in a company with an energetic archaeologist Elli and make it a paradise. Be very careful during your trip on the island because people say there is a real ghost in the jungle. Solve complex puzzles and collect juicy, ripe fruit. You can expect hundreds of beautiful and varied plains and a unique opportunity to build different buildings and structures on the island.

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